It makes business sense to partner with an innovator such as CargoMax. We have presented our clients with a flexible portfolio of services that can be easily integrated with your existing logistic strategies since 1999. We can implement and create solutions where existed prior. We, as your logistic partners, work with you jointly in order to facilitate a more seamless and efficient service for your clients. Youíll receive improved performance, simplified communications and coordination, leverage transportation pricing and expanded shipment visibility.

With our continued efforts and the customer oriented service mind, CargoMax has been growing up year by year and became one of top class reliable logistic service providers including cities beyond gateway in U.S.A. Moreover our business has been expanded to Hong Kong, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing which are major cities in China and Taipei , Hochiminh City, Vietnam as well as all cities in Korea.

Our focus is on superseding our customerís needs by providing error-free service, delivering value, and most importantly meeting your timing requirements. Customer satisfaction governs all of our actions and unites our corporate culture around the world.